To teach the fundamentals of youth hockey in a fun and safe environment towards developing a life-long love for the game of hockey. With an emphasis on stickhandling,shooting and puck control.

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Fargo Hockey Academy is an on and off- off-ice skills development academy for youth hockey players.  Sessions will focus on Skating, Speed, Balance, Edge Control, Stamina,  Stickhandling, Shooting Technique,  Passing and  Overall Athletic Coordination.
Fargo Hockey Academy Mission:  To teach the fundamentals of youth hockey- with an emphasis on stick-handling, shooting and passing in a SAFE AND FUN environment. 

 Founded  and run by Dave Thune,  long-time coach and all-time North Dakota high school points leader, the low-cost clinics will focus on All Aspects Of  Skating Fundamentals,  stickhandling, eye-hand coordination, passing and shooting techniques that will accelerate your child's enjoyment and improve  their  fundamental skills necessary for success in  the game.