To teach the fundamentals of youth hockey in a fun and safe environment towards developing a life-long love for the game of hockey. With an emphasis on stickhandling,shooting and puck control.

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Fun, Fast & Affordable
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Subject: Fun, Fast & Affordable
Posted by: Donovan of <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Lets face it...we have all spent time and money on Summer Camps that have less than effective results. Some are disorganized, some over complicate things, others are just a rehash of what the kids did during the regular season with a few "tricks" thrown in.

The Hockey Academy is different. The focus is on core skills. The on ice mini-camps focus on three things: skating technique, stick handling and shooting. It is often said that if a kid gets skating down naturally the rest will come more easily. Dave helps the kids understand how to control inside and outside edges with repetition, and never lets a kid do anything half way, until it looks like it just comes naturally.

The off ice camps are awesome. Puck control is a skill developed over time and practice. Wide and short handling drills, fake outs, toe drags, behind and through the feet, and even reverse handed drills (right holds like a left handed and vise versa). After skating is second nature the next best thing to work on is stick handling. Develop a confident kid in those two areas and you will have a stand out hockey player.

The last (or maybe the first) thing is FUN. This is not just a motto for FHA. The skills and drills are not all there is to it. Every session includes some form of free time, game or scrimmage. Lacrosse passing, kick ball, zone 3 on 3 - there is always something fun.

Bang for buck FHA is one of the best in the FM. And, the proof is in the pudding. After two hour a day dry land stick handling camp, my son comes home and practices for another one or two hours on his own. Now that's impressive.

Donovan Wadholm  
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